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Our Sauces

Smoky, Tangy, Sweet: Our Homemade BBQ Sauces Have It All

Swine Wine

Our Lexington, North Carolina style vinegar based sauce  has a little more complexity than its eastern cousin. A mild heat profile with just the right amount of  vinegar tang. This is a Fahrenheit 225 'House Swine.'

Memphis Magic

A  Memphis style sauce. Thicker and slightly sweet .We add some savory spices which come together to form a mild heat. Sweet , but not as sweet as a Kansas City sauce.


Coming from the Eastern lowlands of North Carolina, this is a classic thin vinegar sauce infused with cayenne and red pepper flake. With the perfect amount of heat, this sauce is no "hogwash".

Sock Rockah'

Our version of a South Carolina spicy mustard.  A  yellow mustard secretly kicked up! This sauce will 'rock your socks off!'.

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